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Story: Stars




Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


A story about stars and some of their doings. The star has small arms and no horns. It is a small thing. When the 'darkness sits' or night falls, the star runs off into the sky. The children pull the star from the earth and play with the star. The children take it up and then throw it away. In this way the children kill the star. When stars fall to earth they die.


1) p.9867v: !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather (Karu) and observed it himself, 2) p.9868v: (12 September 1881) terms for thunder and lightning; the name for 'real water' which is what lies on the earth; water in the sky is not called 'water', but 'cloud' – when it rains this water is called 'water' but when it does not, the water in the sky is 'cloud', 3) Part of the story was told by Tamme, who heard it from his father (||namme), 4) p.9873v: (Tamme, 7 July 1881) referring to the picture of same date of the ≠keku fruit which is like fat and is 'worked' by girls who rub themselves with it (see Iziko_SAMLB_TaBook3_011), 5) This story is found in Book XI & XII-11


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


25 June 1881 (started)


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


stars (are small, dark-coloured things that live in the ground) , stars (their actions and doings) , stars (a description of) , stars (the appearance of) , stars (have small arms) , stars (have no horns) , stars (their death) , stars (their doings) , stars (a !kun belief about) , star (is a small thing) , star (goes into the ground) , star (makes a small earthen house) , star (at night it runs off into the sky) , star (at sunrise it runs back into its house) , star (respects or fears the Sun) , star (about the Sun's star) , star (children play with it) , star (children 'take it up') , star (children throw it away) , star (it falls to the earth) , star (it falls down, dying) , star (the children pull it out of the ground) , star (the colour of its body) , star (it is little and black or dark-coloured) , star (children kill the star) , Sun (and the movements of the stars) , Sun (the stars respect or fear it) , Sun (its star) , Sun (its star remains hanging in the sky) , death (stars) , death (of stars when they fall to earth) , death (children kill the star) , children (stars) , children (kill the star) , children (throw away the star) , children (pull the star out of the ground) , children (play with the star) , respect (of the star for the Sun) , house (of the star)

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