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Story: Curing illness (and the trance dance)


Curing illness (and the trance dance)


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When people are ill, some of the people 'doctor' the afflicted person and stand and make various gestures. Other people sing (and do not make gestures). Other people beat the drum. Dreams put 'a thing' into a person and makes them unwell.


1) See also Dreams, 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI)


24 January 1880


Custom and daily life, Healing and ailing


dance (trance) , dance (and !nanni's father and brother) , dance (!nanni's brother beat the drum) , dance (and the beating of the drum) , dance (actions performed by men and women in) , dance (and singing) , dance (gestures performed during) , dance (people make gestures and 'doctor') , dance (and the trance state) , dance (and healing the sick) , healing (curing) , healing (and doctoring) , healing (and the trance dance) , curing (illness and the trance dance) , curing (illness caused by dreams) , illness (the curing of and the trance dance) , illness (caused by dreams) , !nanni (his brother beats the drum in the trance dance but not his father) , !nanni (his experience of the trance dance) , !nanni (his personal history) , dream (puts a 'thing' into a person) , dream (makes people ill) , dream (and the trance dance) , personal history (!nanni's experiences with the trance dance) , personal history (!nanni's father and brother and the trance dance) , trance (dance) , trance (and healing) , trance (performed by the !kun) , trance (description of) , trance (!nanni's experience of) , drum (beaten during the trance dance)

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