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Story: The dream


The dream


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


About the dream (or ||gan-a) of !nanni and Tamme's country. In !nanni's country a dream put 'a thing' into a person and this makes them ill. In Tamme's country, a dream speaks to him. The dream speaks to many people who hear it. The people told Tamme that when a person dies he or she becomes a dream (or ||gan-a). The dream's heart aches when this happens and kills another person (it puts a 'thing' in them).


1) p.9263v: 'The dream does not eat anything'; the !kun and Latin names for two plants, 2) See also Curing illness (and the trance dance), 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


24 – 26 January 1880


Custom and daily life, History (personal), Healing and ailing


dream (or ||gan-a) , dream (says 'Naaaa') , dream (and death) , dream (what Tamme's people told him about) , dream (in which Tamme sees his mother) , dream (people who stand making gestures kill it and it is no more) , dream (description of) , dream (kills people because its heart aches) , dream (dies when the ill person is doctored) , dream (its heart aches) , dream (its back-dress is made of mouse's skin) , dream (speaks to many people) , dream (its house) , dream (in Tamme's country) , dream (of !nanni and Tamme's country) , dream (kills a person) , dream (and the trance dance) , dream (and doctoring) , dream (makes people ill) , dream (enters the country) , dream (its body is small and resembles a person's) , dream (its house is small and made of grass and resembles that of a bird) , dream (its apron is made of ko o) , dream (it puts a 'thing' in people) , dress (the dream's back-dress and apron) , house (the dream's) , country (dreams in !nanni's and Tamme's kill a person) , country (trance dance in !nanni and Tamme's country) , death (and the dream) , death (in Tamme's country the dead become ||gan-a, or a dream) , death (the dream kills people because its heart aches) , death (killing the dream and the trance dance) , illness (caused by the dream) , illness (and healing and the trance dance) , healing (doctoring) , healing (of illness caused by the dream) , healing (when people make gestures and kill the dream) , healing (and the trance dance) , curing (illness caused by dreams) , curing (and the trance dance) , heart (the dream's aches) , apron (the dream's) , dance (trance) , trance dance (and healing illness caused by the dream) , trance dance (and killing the dream)

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