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Story: Elephants (eating their hearts)


Elephants (eating their hearts)


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When the !kun hunt and kill an elephant they fear and respect its heart. One person alone cannot eat it and the hunter avoids eating it altogether. If the hunter were to eat the heart an elephant would kill him on another occasion. The heart is shared out amongst the other people. It takes five days to eat an entire heart. The people cook elephant heart in a pot.


1) See also What !nanni's father told him (what to eat and avoid) and Food eaten by the !kun, 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


29 – 30 January 1880


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


elephant (eating) , elephant (sharing its heart) , elephant (respecting and fearing the elephant's heart) , elephant (the hunter does not eat its heart or one will kill him another day) , heart (of the elephant) , heart (is large) , heart (cooked in a pot) , heart (is shared and not eaten by one person) , heart (is respected and feared) , heart (it takes five days to eat it) , heart (is not eaten by the hunter) , game (respecting it) , hunting (observances of the !kun) , hunting (causing misfortune) , hunting (the hunter does not eat the heart of the elephant he killed) , hunting (respecting the game) , hunting (and food eaten) , food (avoidances) , food (eating the elephant's heart) , food (respecting elephant's heart) , food (eaten by the !kun) , food (eaten for successful hunting) , pot (elephant heart is cooked in) , respect (for the elephant's heart)

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