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Story: Trading with the Makoba and elephant tusks


Trading with the Makoba and elephant tusks


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


The !kun hunt elephants and then trade elephant tusks and other parts with the Makoba in exchange for food (and cattle to use as meat). A Makoba tells !nanni's people to go into 'another country' and seek and kill other large elephants to bring tusks back for him. In exchange he will give !nanni's people a small animal (a cow or calf).


1) p.9279v: the !kun, Damara and Makoba names for 'dacca', 2) p.9280v: the Makoba call the !kun of their country 'Maduni', 3) See also Pots and trading, 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI)


30 – 31 January 1880


Relations with others, History (personal), Custom and daily life


Makoba (in !nanni's country) , Makoba (!nanni's experiences with) , Makoba (give the !kun dacca) , Makoba (give the !kun cattle in exchange for elephant tusks) , Makoba (their relations with the !kun of !nanni's country) , Makoba (trade with the !kun) , Makoba (and the elephant trade) , Makoba (get the !kun to hunt elephants for them) , !kun (in !nanni's country) , !kun (get ill on 'dacca') , !kun (their relations with the Makoba) , !kun (hunt elephants to tusks trade for food with the Makoba) , trade (between the !kun and the Makoba) , trade (in elephants and their tusks for food) , elephants (hunted and traded by !nanni's people) , elephants (the !kun hunt them to trade with the Makoba for food) , elephants (tusks traded) , elephants (the Makoba get the !kun to hunt them) , elephants (tusks for cattle) , dacca (and intoxication) , dacca (the Makoba give it to the !kun) , dacca (called xana by the !kun) , dacca (called pankwe by the Makoba and the Damaras) , illness (of !kun caused by taking 'dacca') , illness (and intoxication) , illness (of !nanni's people) , illness (and the Makoba) , !nanni (his personal history) , !nanni (and the Makoba) , !nanni (and trading elephant tusks for food with the Makoba) , !nanni (his people get ill on dacca) , personal history (!nanni and his people's experiences trading with the Makoba) , intoxication (of the !kun from dacca) , intoxication (and illness) , names (for dacca) , names (dacca called xana by the !kun) , names (dacca called pankwe by the Makoba and the Damaras) , Damaras (call dacca 'pankwe')

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