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Story: Words and sentences: plants and animals (and avoiding the lion's name)


Words and sentences: plants and animals (and avoiding the lion's name)


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


Tamme (and possibly !nanni) gives words and sentences relating to many aspects of daily life in their country (mostly to do with food). Mention is also made of the name used by !nanni's and Tamme's people when speaking of the lion (its name is avoided by the !kun).


1) There is a small insert between pages 9289v and 9290 with an illustration (which resembles a wing) and a word 2) p.9282v: what the !kun call the lion to avoid using its name; the |xam observe a similar avoidance (see Children do not say the lion's name at night and The avoidance of the name of the lion in the |xam Book VIII-23 and Books V-7 and V-8), 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


2 – 6 February 1880 (given on or about)


Words and sentences, Custom and daily life


words and sentences (given by !nanni and Tamme) , words and sentences (!kun) , vocabulary (!kun) , vocabulary (given by !nanni and Tamme) , names (of plants and animals in !nanni and Tamme's country) , names (avoiding saying, of certain wild animals) , names (what the !kun call the lion) , plants (fruit trees) , plants (edible) , plants (in !nanni and Tamme's country) , plants (eaten by the !kun) , plants (names of) , lion (what the !kun call it to avoid using its name) , food (plants and animals eaten by the !kun) , food (plants and animals eaten by the !kun) , avoidance (of saying the lion's name)

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