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Story: The Lion's story, or, The Lion and the Hyena


The Lion's story, or, The Lion and the Hyena


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


!nanni's paternal grandfather (Karu) told him to be quiet and told him the story of the Hyena (or ||gaxa) who entered the Lion's house. The Lion had forbidden the Hyena to talk like the Lion did (the Lions talked). The Lion puts food to cook on the fire (which seems to be caterpillars). The Lion wakes the Hyena and tells it to say 'Mmmm' and eat the little caterpillars, but the Hyena says '≠naa!' instead. It does not want to eat the hairy caterpillars. The Lion listens to the sounds that the Hyena makes and objects to its speech. The Lion pierces the Hyena's hindleg and it says '≠naa!' several times and then '≠e sho-sho!' as well and runs away.


1) Stories such as this one are reminiscent of the 'First Bushmen' stories of the |xam, 2) p.9290v: !nanni heard this story from his paternal grandfather (Karu, also referred to as Yaru or Yara), 2) p.9293v: the hyena has two names (||hou and ||gaxa), 3) p.9296v: !nanni's father's father told him many things: 'Many days my father told me many things', 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI)


6 – 8 February 1880


History (Early Race)


Lion (its story) , Lion (and the Hyena) , Lion (its house) , Lion (pierces the Hyena's hindleg) , Lion (asks the Hyena to come into its house) , Lion (feeds the Hyena 'fire things') , Lion (and its child) , Lion (and the Hyena) , Lion (does not like the Hyena's speech) , Lion (its speech) , Lion (it talks) , Lion (talks only at night) , Hyena (and the Lion's story) , Hyena (Lion and) , Hyena (the Lion pierces its hindleg) , Hyena (sleeps on a skin at the Lion's house) , Hyena (does not want to go into the Lion's house) , Hyena (fears the Lion) , Hyena (what it says) , Hyena (its speech) , Hyena (the Lion and its child feed it caterpillars and 'fire things') , Hyena (has two names, ||hou and ||gaxa) , !nanni (his paternal grandfather told him many things) , fire (things) , fire (the Lion and the Hyena) , house (the Lion's) , names (!kun, for the hyena) , names (hyena has two names, ||hou and ||gaxa) , speech (Lion talks) , speech (of Lion) , speech (of Hyena)

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