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Story: |xue and his child


|xue and his child


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue becomes a small bird (by the name of ||kouri) and is taken hold of by his child. His child's mother warns the child to leave |xue alone, but the child refuses, saying he wants to take hold of his father. The child puts |xue down on the ground and he flies up into the sky. |xue becomes a larger bird (called !kuarra, which seems to be an eagle) and his child sings out for !kuarra to 'divide my hands'. The bird flies down and grabs the child's mother's head in its claws. She angrily curses |xue saying 'let a lion take |xue!' because she wants him to vanish. The people take hold of |xue and beat him until he dies and vanishes.


1) pp.9327v & 9328v: what the !kun say when they curse another person: when their heart aches on account of what someone has done they wish a lion to take him away and kill him so that he will disappear; the lion hears the curse and comes at night to carry the offending person away to eat them, 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-5


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


between the 14 and 18 February 1880




|xue (changes at sunrise and sunset) , |xue (his actions and doings) , |xue (speaks like the lion) , |xue (can speak to animals) , |xue (is sometimes dead and sometimes alive) , |xue (does not really die) , |xue (lives and dies) , |xue (is made to vanish) , |xue (is beaten to death by the people) , |xue ('let a lion take |xue!') , |xue (|xue becomes a small bird by the name of ||kouri) , |xue (|xue becomes a large bird or eagle called !kuarra) , |xue (his transformations) , |xue (becomes different animals and things) , |xue (and his wife) , |xue (is cursed by his wife) , |xue (his wife wants a lion to eat him) , |xue (grabs his wife's head with his talons) , |xue (and his child) , |xue (his child takes hold of him) , birds (names of, that |xue becomes) , curse ('Let the lion take this person') , curse ('May the lion eat this person!') , curse (when people want their hearts to stop aching) , curse ('let a lion take |xue!') , curse (of |xue by his wife) , child (|xue's) , child (tells |xue 'divide my hands') , transformation (|xue becomes birds) , transformation (|xue becomes many things) , lions (and cursing by the !kun) , lions ('Let the lion take this person') , lions ('May the lion eat this person!') , death (and |xue's transformations) , death (|xue is sometimes dead and sometimes alive) , death (|xue does not really die) , death (|xue lives and dies) , heart (when people want theirs to stop aching) , speech (|xue speaks like the lion) , speech (|xue can speak to animals) , names (of birds that |xue becomes)

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