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Story: |xue as tchaxa


|xue as tchaxa


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue becomes tchaxa (two of them). |xue's wife makes a hole in the smaller tchaxa and eats it (it is full of juice). |xue's wife makes a hole in the larger tchaxa but drops it because it is heavy. |xue falls out and his wife slaps |xue and scolds him, warning him that he will get killed in the form of one of these different things. He runs away to hide in a different place, where he becomes an elephant and vultures (≠nue) eat him. The father-in-law cuts at the elephant but the knife breaks, so the daughter fetches a larger knife to give to her father. [The ending is inconclusive.]


1) Lloyd notes in pencil on p.9348v that this story is 'probably' continued on p.9359, 2) Tamme heard this story from his paternal grandfather (Nakua or Nakka), 3) p.9358v: greetings in !kun (from !nanni and Tamme), 4) p.9360v: see Bushman groups, 5) p.9377v: Tamme's paternal grandfather saw |xue, 6) This story is found in Book XI & XII-5


Tamme (XII)


February – March 1880




|xue (is alive and he is a lion and covered in hair) , |xue (Tamme's paternal grandfather saw him) , |xue (as tchaxa) , |xue (and his transformations) , |xue (and his wife) , |xue (and his father-in-law) , |xue (becomes different things on different days) , |xue (resembles many things) , |xue (his doings) , |xue (his wife eats him as tchaxa) , |xue (his wife slaps him) , |xue (his wife scolds him) , |xue (becomes an elephant) , |xue (dies and is eaten by vultures) , |xue (his father-in-law's attempts to rescue him) , |xue (runs away from his wife and father-in-law) , |xue (his wife holds his mouth when he cries) , |xue (he cries loudly) , transformation (of |xue) , transformation (|xue as tchaxa) , transformation (|xue becomes different things on different days) , transformation (|xue resembles many things) , plant (tchaxa) , plant (|xue as tchaxa) , plant (name of) , tchaxa (plant) , tchaxa (|xue becomes two of them) , wife (of |xue) , wife (|xue as tchaxa) , father-in-law (|xue's) , father-in-law (|xue as tchaxa) , name (!kun, of plant) , name (!kun, of vulture) , name (|xue as tchaxa) , vultures (!kun name of) , vultures (|xue in elephant-form eaten by) , vultures (|xue as tchaxa) , elephant (|xue as tchaxa) , elephant (|xue eaten by vultures in form of) , elephant (|xue becomes) , elephant (|xue's father-in-law cuts) , lion (|xue becomes) , lion (|xue covered in its hair) , lion (|xue as tchaxa)

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9348v, 9359-9361, 9378

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