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Story: |xue is a spirit, and kills his child


|xue is a spirit, and kills his child


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue becomes a spirit and kills his child. |xue's wife goes out and when she returns to the house she sees the dead child there and accuses |xue of killing it. She takes a fire stick and burns |xue with it. |xue cries out, runs away and climbs a tree. The sun sets and rises and sets and rises again and |xue descends the tree. |xue's wife speaks to her father who goes out searching for |xue and when he finds him he slaps |xue and then carries him home. There |xue's father-in-law throws a stick at him and |xue runs away. |xue becomes a little snake and bites the father-in-law, who cries out and then dies. |xue becomes a large fly and flies away, and as he does so the father-in-law rises again. |xue becomes a butterfly and then becomes |xue the man again. When he sees his wife's father alive again carrying a big stick he runs away. [The ending is inconclusive.]


1) 9350v: Tamme heard this from his paternal grandfather (Nakua), 2) pp.9351-3v: see |xue as ostrich and other things, 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-5


Tamme (XII)


21 February (started) – 8 March 1880




|xue (is a spirit and kills his child) , |xue (his wife and her father search for him) , |xue (climbs a tree) , |xue (hides in a pool of water) , |xue (his wife burns him with a firestick) , |xue (his father-in-law throws a stick at him) , |xue (is a spirit and kills his child) , |xue (his transformations) , |xue (and his wife) , |xue (and his father-in-law) , |xue (becomes different things on different days) , |xue (resembles many things) , |xue (his actions and doings) , |xue (transforms at sunrise and sunset) , |xue (cries and runs away) , |xue (is slapped and beaten) , |xue (bites his father-in-law as a snake) , |xue (his wife scolds him) , |xue (becomes a snake, a fly, a man, and a butterfly) , |xue (bites and kills his father-in-law) , |xue (runs away from his wife and father-in-law) , |xue (cries loudly) , |xue (becomes a spirit) , |xue (wrings his child's neck) , transformation (|xue is a spirit) , transformation (and death) , transformation (of |xue) , transformation (|xue becomes many things) , transformation (|xue becomes a snake, a fly, a man, and a butterfly) , transformation (|xue transforms at sunrise and sunset) , death (and resurrection) , death (|xue kills his child) , death (of |xue's father-in-law) , death (and |xue's transformation) , wife (of |xue) , wife (|xue is a spirit) , father-in-law (|xue's) , father-in-law (|xue is a spirit) , child (|xue's) , child (|xue is a spirit and kills his) , spirit (|xue is, and kills his child) , tree (|xue climbs) , tree (|xue is a spirit)

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