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More about |xue


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In this story |xue becomes an ant, a butterfly, a fly, water, a buffalo, a snake, a tsan, a ||xuonna and a bird. |xue chases his wife in a variety of forms and eventually dies. His wife picks him up and puts him inside her kaross, but drops him when he becomes a ||xuonna. She goes on into her father's country. In another part of the account (also told to !nanni by Karu) |xue also becomes !naxane, an owl, a fly, a bee, a hyena and, finally, an ant. As a bee he bites and kills his father. |xue performs a doctoring ceremony and his father rises up and chases |xue. |xue and his father fight. Eventually, |xue settles on his father's head and he dies. |xue's father takes him off his head and sets |xue down on the ground, where he becomes an ant.


1) p.9391v: !nanni heard this story from his paternal grandfather (Karu); see |xue and the ostriches, 2) p.9401v: (17 March 1880) the name for |uma and Da's father (||ko |kue); |uma and Da's country is called ||noma; see The doings of |xue are many, 3) p.9402v: the name of a poison (!kara) and the name of the tree whose leaves are boiled to make a poison in combination with another ingredient, 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-5


!nanni (XI)


17 March 1880 (started)


Transformation, Healing and ailing


|xue (more about |xue) , |xue (is slapped and beaten by his father) , |xue (his father's people seek for him) , |xue (is placed inside his wife's kaross) , |xue (bites and 'kills' his father) , |xue (his works are numerous, and are not one, but many) , |xue (performs a doctoring ceremony and restores his father) , |xue (his grass hut) , |xue (dies and returns to life in a different form) , |xue (and his wife) , |xue (and his father) , |xue (tries to escape his wife) , |xue (chases his wife as a buffalo) , |xue (becomes different things on different days) , |xue (resembles many things) , |xue (his doings) , |xue (his works) , |xue (cries) , |xue (his transformations) , |xue (changes at sunrise and sunset) , |xue (becomes !naxane, an ant, a buffalo, water, a ≠in-a or snake, a tsan, a ||xuonna, a bird, a large owl, a butterfly, a bee and a !gau) , |xue (returns to his own form at night) , transformation (more about |xue) , transformation (|xue becomes !naxane, an ant, a buffalo, water, a ≠in-a or snake, a tsan, a ||xuonna, a bird, a large owl, a butterfly, a bee, a !gau) , transformation (and death) , transformation (of |xue) , transformation (|xue changes form at sunrise and sunset) , transformation (|xue becomes different things every day) , transformation (|xue dies and returns in a different form) , death (more about |xue) , death (|xue dies and returns in a different form) , death (and resurrection) , death (|xue kills his father) , death (of |xue) , death (and transformation) , plants (!naxane) , plants (that |xue becomes) , plants (!kun names of) , plants (more about |xue) , healing (|xue performs a doctoring ceremony for his father who he 'killed') , healing (more about |xue) , doctoring ceremony (performed by |xue for his father) , doctoring ceremony (|xue kills his father and performs one) , doctoring ceremony (more about |xue) , names (of plants and animals that |xue becomes) , names (more about |xue) , wife (|xue's) , wife (more about |xue) , father (|xue's) , father (|xue kills his) , father (more about |xue) , father (|xue performs a doctoring ceremony to revive his) , animals (!kun names of, that |xue becomes) , animals (more about |xue) , kaross (|xue's wife's) , kaross (more about |xue)

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