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Story: |xue and his mother and father


|xue and his mother and father


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue's father (|xe ||n'u) sees a bird (called !gauka) and |xue goes to look at it and dies. His father carries him back to his mother's. At sunset |xue arises and calls out to his father. When he comes running to |xue, |xue dies and changes into a mouse. When his father sees him he takes an arrow and shoots him. |xue gets up and chases his father. |xue's mother beats his father on the head with a stick. |xue and his father fight and die and shoot at each other.


1) p.9429v: Tamme heard this from his paternal grandfather (Naka). At the start of this story (on pp.9430-31) Tamme describes how Naka told him stories ('told him of the thing') while his maternal grandfather did not; Naka climbed a |kui fruit tree and fell down and died, 2) p.9438v: the name of a !kun plaything or toy (that resembles a shuttlecock), 3) This story is found in Books XI, XII-6 & XII-7


Tamme (XII)


27 April – 24 July 1880




|xue (and his mother and father) , |xue (dies and changes into a mouse) , |xue (becomes |xue again) , |xue (wants to be left alone) , |xue (rises up and is not dead) , |xue (calls to his father) , |xue (his father's name is |xe ||n'u) , |xue (his mother kicks him) , |xue (wants to kill his father) , |xue (beats his father's head) , |xue (lies down crying and dies) , |xue (does not die outright) , |xue (laughs at his father) , |xue (follows his father into 'great water') , |xue (chases his father) , |xue (and his mother and father) , |xue (his mother scolds him) , |xue (his mother beats his father) , |xue (he works things) , |xue (he becomes many things) , |xue (his actions and doings) , |xue (his works) , |xue (his changes) , |xue (he cries) , |xue (becomes a little child and cries) , |xue (shoots his father) , |xue (is beaten) , |xue (changes at sunrise and sunset) , |xue (arises at sunset) , |xue (hides) , |xue (is searched for) , |xue (his transformations) , |xue (he dies) , transformation (|xue and his mother and father) , transformation (|xue becomes many things) , transformation (|xue becomes a mouse, |xue again, a little child) , transformation (|xue makes, or works, many things) , transformation (|xue's changes) , transformation (|xue dies and changes form) , transformation (and death of |xue) , death (and |xue) , death (and resurrection of |xue) , death (and transformation of |xue) , death (|xue and his father fight and die and shoot at each other) , death (|xue and his mother and father) , resurrection (of |xue) , resurrection (|xue dies and returns to life) , resurrection (|xue dies and changes form) , resurrection (|xue and his mother and father) , name (of a bird, !gauka) , name (|xue and his mother and father) , name (of |xue's father) , bird (called !gauka) , bird (!kun name of) , bird (|xue and his mother and father) , mother (|xue's) , mother (|xue and his mother and father) , father (|xue's) , father (|xue and his mother and father) , arrow (|xue's father shoots him with) , arrow (|xue and his mother and father)

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9430-9435, 9439-9442, 9523-9527

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