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Story: Young moon's story


Young moon's story


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


The !kun (particularly women) call the young moon `!ka !karrishe’ and blow on the horn of a male |ou (a small buck, probably a steenbok). The young moon points out food to the people (for example bees). This story includes Karu's prayer to the moon, in which he asks it for food ('Tell me of things, that I may eat!'). At sunrise the man (possibly Karu) goes out and kills a lizard that the moon has shown him. The wife cooks the lizard and fetches a dish to cut it up in. The man gives his wife the lizard's head to eat and she cries loudly. The man beats his wife and threatens to kill her. The wife does not speak to him because she is afraid.


1) See also Prayer to the young moon, 2) pp.9451v-9456v: see !nanni's uncle, 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-6


!nanni (XI)


11 – 13 may 1880


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy, Custom and daily life, Poetry


moon (the young moon's story) , moon (Karu's prayer to) , moon (its name) , moon (points out bees) , moon (points out a lizard) , moon (when small) , moon (when young) , moon (what the !kun say to it) , moon (called !ka !karrishe by women) , moon (and the sounding of a male |ou's horn) , moon (points out food) , moon (shows the people food) , moon (and the story of the man, the lizard and his wife) , !kun (the family) , !kun (and wife-killing or uxoricide) , !kun (and wife-beating) , !kun (relations) , !kun (the treatment of women by their husbands) , !kun (the roles of men and women) , !kun (and finding food) , !kun (and the young moon's story) , !kun (and prayers to the young moon) , food (the moon helps to find) , food (the moon points it out) , food (and prayers to the young moon) , food (and the young moon's story) , prayer (Karu's, to the moon) , prayer (to the young moon and finding food) , prayer (and the young moon's story) , death (and the !kun) , death (and wife-killing) , death (of women) , death (and the young moon's story) , horn (a male |ou's and a prayer to the moon) , buck (!kun name of) , buck (a male |ou's horn and prayers to the moon) , buck (and young moon's story) , women (treatment of) , women (wife-beating) , women (wife-killing or uxoricide) , women (treatment of wives) , women (and young moon's story) , Karu (!nanni's paternal grandfather) , Karu (the the young moon's story) , Karu (his prayer to the young moon) , name (of the moon) , name (what the !kun say to the moon) , name (the moon called !ka !karrishe by women) , name (and the young moon's story) , !nanni (his paternal grandfather Karu's prayer to the young moon)

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