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Story: Actions after death


Actions after death


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When a !kun man dies, his things are not given to another person. This would make the deceased's wife cry and the people afraid ('we should tremble'). There follows an account of the interaction between the dead person's child (son) and wife.


1) p.9558v: !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather (Karu), 2) p.9567v: a woman carries her pot in her skin (of female |no' o), 3) See also Dress after death and Customs at death and Burial and Burial (another account), 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-7


!nanni (XI)


30 July – 10 August 1880


Custom and daily life


death (actions after) , death (!kun customs at) , death (the actions of the widow) , death (the actions of the child) , death (his son leaves for his father's father's country) , death (his widow leaves for her mother's country) , death (his things are not given to another person) , death (his family cry greatly) , death (things that make the people afraid) , country (the dead man's) , country (the son of the dead man leaves for his father's) , country (the widow leaves for her mother's) , country (what the dead man's son says to the widow) , country (and !kun customs at death) , widow (her actions after the death of her husband) , widow (leaves for her mother's country) , widow (fears being killed by other people) , widow (her things) , widow (and !kun customs at death) , things (the widow's) , things (the dead man's are not given to another person) , things (and !kun customs at death) , women (the actions of widows) , women (and !kun customs at death) , wife (the actions of widows) , wife (and !kun customs at death) , !kun (customs at death) , !kun (the actions of widows) , husband (the actions of wives after death of a) , husband (and !kun customs at death)

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