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Story: Dress after death


Dress after death


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


An account of what is done with the body of a deceased man and how it is dressed and arranged (by his father).


1) p.9562v: !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather (Karu) as well as his paternal grandmother (Ku ||na), 2) A term for 'like ourselves' used by |han≠kass'o and !nanni; there are no newspapers in Da's country; !kun names for the Milky Way, 4) p.9566v: !nanni tells Da that Da had not heard about |xue from Da's father (?) as he had 'respected' Da (due to his youth), 5) See also Actions after death and Customs at death and Burial and Burial (another account), 6) This story is found in Book XI & XII-7


!nanni (XI)


1 – 5 August 1880


Custom and daily life


death (dress after) , death (the arrangement of the body) , death (the body is arranged only by the dead man's father) , death (what the dead man wears) , death (actions after) , death (!kun customs at) , death (the actions of the widow) , death (the actions of the daughter) , death (the actions of the dead man's mother) , dress (after death) , dress (and !kun customs at death) , dress (dead man's father dresses body) , dress (|ou horn worn by dead man) , dress (jackal-skin back apron worn by dead man) , dress (dead man wears jackal's feet and tail and skin) , dead man (and !kun customs at death) , dead man (his dress after death) , dead man (his bag) , dead man (his head rests on his bag) , dead man (his things) , dead man (his father arranges his body) , dead man (wears jackal's feet and tail and skin) , dead man (wears a |ou's horn) , jackal (and the dead man's skin back apron) , jackal (its tail and feet used in the dress of the dead) , jackal (and the dead man's dress) , jackal (and !kun customs at death) , buck (called |ou) , buck (small, probably a steenbok) , buck (and dress after death) , buck (its horn worn by the dead man) , buck (and !kun customs at death) , body (and actions after death) , body (arrangement of the dead man's) , body (how that of the dead is dressed) , body (and !kun customs at death) , father (the dead man's dresses and arranges the body) , father (and dress after death) , father (and !kun customs at death) , bag (and dress after death) , bag (of the dead man) , bag (dead man's head rests on his) , bag (and !kun customs at death) , horn (of a buck, the |ou, worn by the dead man) , horn (and !kun customs at death) , horn (and dress after death) , !kun (customs at death) , !kun (dress after death)

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