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Story: The pieces of wood used by the Bushmen of !nanni's country for divining future events


The pieces of wood used by the Bushmen of !nanni's country for divining future events


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


The !kun use wooden pieces called |xu for divining future events. These pieces are made of wood from the !ke tree (also a 'food' tree). Women do not touch these pieces but men can. Little girls also respect (or 'fear') these sets of pieces. A mother tells her daughter to respect the pieces, which she does. Little boys do not fear the pieces and are allowed to handle them.


1) See also Pieces of wood for divining, or |xu, 2) p.9572v: !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather Karu) and observed it himself; (20 August 1880) what people call their mother when they are little and grown, 2) there is what seems to be an illustration or sketch of the shapes of the set of pieces, 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-7


!nanni (XI)


18 – 23 August 1880


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress, Portention


divining (the pieces of wood used by the !kun of !nanni's country) , divining (!kun methods of) , divining (the |xu, or wood pieces used) , divining (future events) , divining (performed by men) , divining pieces (the set called |xu) , divining pieces (are respected and feared by women) , divining pieces (only handled by men) , divining pieces (used by the father) , divining pieces (handled by the son/men) , divining pieces (feared by the daughter/women) , divining pieces (the wood used) , divining pieces (and the !ke tree) , family (!kun) , family (and the treatment of wives/women) , family (and divining the future) , family (and the roles of different members) , name (of the set of !kun divining pieces) , name (of the tree used for making the divining pieces) , wood (pieces called |xu for divining future events) , wood (set of divining pieces used by the !kun) , tree (called the !ke) , tree (used for making the !kun set of divining pieces) , tree (also a 'food' tree) , country (the divining pieces used by !kun of !nanni's) , men (divining performed by) , men (can only handle divining pieces) , men (fathers and sons perform divining) , women (fear divining pieces) , women (do not handle divining pieces) , women (mothers and daughters respect the divining pieces) , !kun (of !nanni's country divine events using a set of wooden pieces called |xu) , wife (treatment of) , wife (and the pieces of wood used by the !kun in !nanni's country for divining) , food (-tree, also used for making divining pieces by the !kun of !nanni's country) , !nanni (the !kun of his country use pieces of wood called |xu for divining future events) , future (the pieces of wood called |xu used for divining) , portention (the pieces of wood called |xu used for divining) , respect (of women for the divining pieces)

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