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Story: |xue and a woman


|xue and a woman


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue is at the top of a large palm tree and asks his wife to cut off his ears (it seems that the wind is loud and frightens him). She refuses and says that he is not her husband, because her husband is a man. She runs away from him. |xue goes searching for the woman (his wife). He cries and calls for her as he goes, and when his wife hears this she returns to him. |xue threatens to kill his wife if she runs away again so she runs off crying out in fear for her life. |xue chases after his wife and later makes an earthen house and lies there to sleep. The rain falls on |xue and then stops, and the Moon rises. |xue awakes and leaves the hut to sleep on the bare earth. [It says 'to be continued' on page 9626, but appears not to have been.]


1) !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather (Karu); for a similar story of the |xam see VIII-12 pp. 7095-7097: The man who ordered his wife to cut off his ears (see Lloyd's note to this effect on p.9607v), 2) pp.9607v-16v: see |xue as !naxane and butterflies and with people who are afraid, 3) p.9609v: a note about a Po'ku or buck (a water's thing) that eats reeds – see !nanni's clay model of a Po'ku's head (of 18 November 1880), 4) p.9614v: (18 September, !nanni) a kind of pipe used by the Makoba and the !kun of !nanni's country; the Makoba make it of reed and the !kun make it from the horn of the 'koodoo' (kudu), 5) p.9617v: words for fastening the horns of game animals on the head; the name of horns belonging to the 'child' of a large food animal, 6) p.9623v: see |xue and his son, 7) This story is found in Book XI & XII-8


!nanni (XI)


10 September – 27 November 1880




|xue (and a woman) , |xue (calls out for his wife) , |xue (fears the wind) , |xue (the rain falls on him) , |xue (is at the top of a large tree) , |xue (is scorched by the Sun) , |xue (fears the Sun) , |xue (threatens to kill his wife) , |xue (his wife says he is not her husband) , |xue (asks his wife to cut off his ears) , |xue (eats palm-fruit) , |xue (his wife hides from him) , |xue (and a woman) , |xue (searches for his wife) , |xue (and his wife) , |xue (and the woman) , |xue (and his woman) , |xue (sleeps on the bare ground) , |xue (makes an earthen house to sleep in) , |xue (cries to be taken up) , |xue (becomes, or works, many things) , |xue (his wife fears him) , |xue (cries for his wife) , |xue (his doings) , |xue (and sunrise and sunset) , wife (|xue's) , wife (|xue threatens to kill his) , wife (|xue and a woman) , tree (which |xue climbs) , tree (palm, palm-fruit) , tree (|xue and a woman) , women (|xue and a woman) , transformation (|xue and a woman) , transformation (|xue becomes, or works, many things) , house (earthen, made by |xue) , house (|xue and a woman) , Sun (|xue fears) , Sun (scorches |xue) , Sun (|xue and a woman) , ears (|xue asks his wife to cut his off) , ears (|xue and a woman) , wind (|xue fears) , wind (|xue and a woman) , rain (falls on |xue) , rain (|xue and a woman)

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