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Story: |xue and his son


|xue and his son


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


|xue kills people and makes other people who also kill people. |xue makes the people that he made vanish, and returns to his hut with his son. |xue's son is in the form of a bobo and |xue is a shao. |xue's son makes Bushmen and carries these Bushmen in his bag. |xue has made four Ovaherero who carry four guns, who he carries in a smaller bag. |xue is afraid of the 'many people' his son made and thinks they will kill him. |xue becomes a monkey and walks on the earth on his hands and feet. His son objects to his actions and tells him to walk properly. He says that |xue should not be afraid, because the !kun that he has made fear |xue. [It says 'to be continued' on page 9623v, but appears not to have been.]


1) p.9618v: Tamme heard this from his paternal grandfather (Nakka-|ne-||a), 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-8


Tamme (XII)


8 September 1880 (started)


Transformation, Relations with others


|xue (and his son) , |xue (says 'Bushmen kill me, oh dear') , |xue (his heart aches) , |xue (people laugh at him and his dress) , |xue (makes Ovaherero and carries them in a small bag) , |xue (his son is a bobo) , |xue (is a shao, a monkey, |xue) , |xue (his son makes Bushmen) , |xue (kills people) , |xue (makes people vanish) , |xue (makes people who kill other people) , |xue (becomes, or works, many things) , |xue (is feared by Bushmen) , |xue (his son tells him not to fear Bushmen) , |xue (fears the many Bushmen made by his son) , |xue (his actions and doings) , |xue (his transformations) , |xue (wears a monkey's head front apron, its tail, a back apron of monkey feet) , heart (|xue's aches) , heart (|xue and his son) , Ovaherero (|xue makes and carries in a bag) , Ovaherero (|xue and his son) , dress (worn by people made by |xue's son) , dress (worn by |xue) , dress (Bushmen carry quivers and wear monkey skin front aprons) , dress (|xue wears a monkey's head front apron, its tail, a back apron of monkey feet) , dress (|xue and his son) , |xue's son (|xue and his son) , |xue's son (makes many Bushmen who carry quivers and wear monkey skin front aprons) , |xue's son (tells |xue not to fear Bushmen) , |xue's son (tells |xue not to walk like a monkey) , |xue's son (makes people and carries them in a large bag) , |xue's son (is a bobo) , |xue's son (his doings) , |xue's son (works, or makes, things) , |xue's son ('worked making' Bushmen) , |xue's son (his transformations) , transformation (of |xue) , transformation (of |xue's son) , transformation (|xue works, or makes, many things) , transformation (|xue's son 'worked making' Bushmen) , transformation (|xue becomes different things) , transformation (|xue son becomes different things) , transformation (|xue's changes) , transformation (|xue's son's changes) , transformation (|xue's son is a bobo) , transformation (|xue is a shao, a monkey, |xue) , plants (bobo) , plants (shao) , plants (!kun names of) , names (!kun, of plants) , names (|xue and his son) , bag (|xue's son's) , bag (|xue's small) , bag (|xue makes Ovaherero and carries them in a small) , bag (|xue's son makes Bushmen and carries them in his) , guns (carried by the Ovaherero made by |xue) , weapons (of the people who kill other people made by |xue and his son) , weapons (Ovaherero guns) , weapons (quivers) , weapons (|xue and his son) , son (|xue and his) , monkey (|xue becomes one and walks on the earth) , monkey (-skin front aprons worn by Bushmen) , monkey (-head front apron, tail, back apron of its feet worn by |xue) , monkey (|xue and his son) , skin (monkey, and !kun dress) , skin (monkey- front aprons worn by !kun) , skin (|xue and his son)

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