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Story: A note on ||kum'm or rain-clouds


A note on ||kum'm or rain-clouds


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


A description of the coming of the rain and the appearance of ||kum'm, or great black clouds. The rain in the boys' country affects the falling of the flowers and the behaviour of the caterpillars on the trees.


1) This story concerns the ||kum'm which are mentioned in the story |xue as a bam-bam and other things, 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-10


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


March or April 1881


The Rain and Rain's water, Plants and animals


rain (||kum'm or rain-clouds) , rain (the actions of) , rain (makes people tremble with cold) , rain (places a great black cloud) , rain (and the great wind) , rain (the coming of) , rain ('is dealing gently with the Sun') , rain (and black clouds) , rain (in the !kun country) , rain (in !nanni and Tamme's country) , rain (its effect on plants and animals) , rain (and !xu trees and ||k'e caterpilllars) , clouds (||kum'm or rain-clouds) , clouds (and the rain) , clouds (black) , clouds (!kun name of) , clouds (and the great wind) , clouds (and the coming of the rain) , wind (||kum'm or rain-clouds) , wind (a 'great one' comes) , wind (and the coming of the rain) , wind (cold) , wind (and the ||kum'm, or black clouds) , ||kum'm (a rain-cloud) , ||kum'm (a great black cloud) , ||kum'm (and the coming of the rain) , name (!kun) , name (for black rain-clouds) , name (for tree) , name (for a caterpillar) , tree (called !xu) , tree (and ||kum'm or rain-clouds) , caterpilllars (called ||k'e) , caterpilllars (and ||kum'm or rain-clouds) , plants (and flowers) , plants (and the rain in !kun country) , plants (and ||kum'm or rain-clouds) , animals (and the rain in !kun country) , animals (and ||kum'm or rain-clouds) , Sun (and the rain in !kun country) , Sun (and ||kum'm or rain-clouds)

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