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Story: Bloodletting




Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


An account of how women 'work', or cut themselves. Men cut (or bleed) themselves between the eyes with a knife. The blood is caught in a cup made of animal horn, held by another person.


1) p.9794v: see Intelligent and foolish people, 2) (7 April) see Respecting and eating the |no, 3) Da bears a cut between his eyes (see p.9448v), 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-10


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


5 – 7 April 1881


Custom and daily life


blood (-letting and the !kun) , bloodletting (by the !kun) , bloodletting (the blood is caught in a horn cup) , bloodletting (customs relating to) , bloodletting (what the men eat) , bloodletting (wives cut their husbands) , bloodletting (a time of 'illness') , bloodletting (and men) , bloodletting (and women) , bloodletting (and the !kun) , bloodletting (methods) , bloodletting (and markings, scarification or cutting) , bloodletting (the objects or vessels used for) , markings (and bloodletting) , markings (the !kun bleed themselves) , markings (and 'working', or cutting) , markings (and men) , markings (and women) , markings (the stone used) , markings (the making of cuts between the eyes) , illness (a time of and bloodletting) , stone (used in bloodletting) , cup (horn, used for bloodletting) , scarification (bloodletting) , scarification (cutting) , women (and bloodletting) , women (wives cut their husbands) , women ('work', or cut themselves) , men (and bloodletting) , men (husbands cut by wives) , men (what they eat) , men (cut between the eyes) , food (eaten by men and bloodletting) , wife (and bloodletting) , wife (cuts her husband) , knife (used to cut in bloodletting) , horn (of animal used to catch blood in bloodletting) , eyes (bloodletting) , eyes (!kun men cut between)

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