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Story: The widow married by her dead husband's next brother


The widow married by her dead husband's next brother


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When a woman's husband dies, the widow is 'taken' by the dead man's younger or next brother. In this way her children are brought up with a father ('nicely'). When this man also dies the wife lies down and sleeps alone. Her son goes away and marries and the widow has to rely on her daughter to give her food, wood and water. A man comes to take her daughter away to live as his wife in another country.


1) p.9835v: !nanni observed this himself, 2) p.9836v: terms used for step-relations, 3) The |xam narratives also contain information describing the treatment of the widow (see The story of the widow of the man killed while hunting, and her return to her own family in |xam Books II-13 and II-14), 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-10


!nanni (XI)


28 May 1881 (started)


Custom and daily life


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