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Story: The |u' ||ke' or Tshaka


The |u' ||ke' or Tshaka


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


The |u' ||ke'. or Tshaka, is a small plant and is used as part of the purification ritual, or |koa. It intoxicates and can kill people if handled incorrectly (at the wrong time of day), and is thus feared. The ≠nabbi does not kill people and is given when the people 'seek their hearts'. Both plants seem to be effective at specific times of day.


1) p.9921v: !nanni heard this from his paternal grandfather (Karu), 2) p.9923v: the ≠nabbi is given to people to eat 'when we seek our heart', 3) See also |u' ||ke' in food, 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-11


!nanni (XI)


25 August 1881 (started)


Plants and animals, Custom and daily life


|u' ||ke' (or Tshaka) , |u' ||ke' (plant) , |u' ||ke' (its properties) , |u' ||ke' (is feared by day) , |u' ||ke' (is handled and given at night) , |u' ||ke' (is given to !nanni's people) , |u' ||ke' (a plant used in purification, or |koa) , |u' ||ke' (intoxicates) , |u' ||ke' (kills people) , |u' ||ke' (is found in Tamme's country) , |u' ||ke' (a description of) , |u' ||ke' (is feared) , |u' ||ke' (the times of day it can be handled) , |u' ||ke' (is poisonous) , ≠nabbi (a plant) , ≠nabbi (its properties) , ≠nabbi (a description of) , ≠nabbi (is found in !nanni's country) , ≠nabbi (is given to !nanni's people by day) , ≠nabbi (is given when the Sun has only slightly risen and not 'grown up') , ≠nabbi (does not kill people) , ≠nabbi (is eaten when the people 'seek their hearts') , name (of plants used in cleansing ceremony) , name (the |u' ||ke' or Tshaka plant) , name (!kun, for cleansing ceremony) , name (≠nabbi plant) , purification (or |koa) , purification (a cleansing ceremony) , purification (and |u' ||ke' or Tshaka plant) , intoxicate (|u' ||ke' or Tshaka plant intoxicates people) , Sun (influences when the ≠nabbi plant is eaten) , food (eaten in the purification ceremony) , food (eating |u' ||ke' or Tshaka and ≠nabbi) , food (which intoxicates) , food (which is harmful if eaten at the wrong time of day) , day (times of, when the |u' ||ke' or Tshaka can be handled) , day (times of, when the ≠nabbi plant is eaten) , plants (the |u' ||ke' or Tshaka plant) , plants (the ≠nabbi plant) , plants (used in purification or |koa) , plants (eating) , plants (that are harmful if eaten at the wrong time of the day) , plants (that intoxicate) , plants (that kill people) , plants (that are poisonous) , heart (≠nabbi is eaten when the people 'seek their hearts') , poison (plants used in purification that are poisonous) , poison (the |u' ||ke' or Tshaka)

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