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Story: At Breakwater, 17 April 1880


At Breakwater, 17 April 1880


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


Lloyd takes down information and personal details from four prisoners at the Breakwater Convict Station on 17 April 1880. The four men were |nu'xa (or Hans), Mkuan (or |kabbeten, his |xam name), Mosunyan, and Molef. The information noted includes their prisoner numbers, the names of their relations, some measurements, and personal details about the men.


1) This contribution includes an insert in the notebook (probably taken at the Breakwater) on which Lloyd has noted information about the four men brought to the Breakwater from Aliwal North with regard to their capture and sentencing, 2) p.10 293 opp: (Breakwater, 28 August 1880) physical and biographical details (including measurements) of the four men, 3) See also Words and sentences: Mkuan at the Breakwater and The |xam names of some of Mkuan's relations, 4) This story is found in Book XV-1


various/Mkuan (XV-1)


17 April 1880 (and additions, 28 August 1880)


History (personal)


Breakwater Convict Station (at Breakwater, 17 April 1880) , Breakwater Convict Station (and four |xam from Aliwal North) , Breakwater Convict Station (details about |xam prisoners taken there in 1880) , Mkuan (or |kabbeten) , Mkuan (his physical characteristics and measurements) , Mkuan (the reason for his imprisonment) , Mkuan (his capture) , Mkuan (his prisoner number was 3416) , Mkuan (the date of his trial) , Mkuan (when he was brought to Breakwater) , Mkuan (his personal history) , Mkuan (the names of his relations) , |nu'xa (or Hans) , |nu'xa (his physical characteristics and measurements) , |nu'xa (the reason for his imprisonment) , |nu'xa (his capture) , |nu'xa (his prisoner number was 3353) , |nu'xa (the date of his trial) , |nu'xa (when he was brought to Breakwater) , |nu'xa (his personal history) , |nu'xa (the names of his relations) , convicts (at Breakwater, 17 April 1880) , convicts (names of four |xam from Aliwal North) , convicts (|xam, at Breakwater Convict Station) , Mosunyan (his physical characteristics and measurements) , Mosunyan (the reason for his imprisonment) , Mosunyan (his capture) , Mosunyan (his prisoner number was 33418) , Mosunyan (the date of his trial) , Mosunyan (when he was brought to Breakwater) , Mosunyan (his personal history) , Mosunyan (the names of his relations) , Molef (his physical characteristics and measurements) , Molef (the reason for his imprisonment) , Molef (his capture) , Molef (his prisoner number was 3409) , Molef (the date of his trial) , Molef (when he was brought to Breakwater) , Molef (his personal history) , Molef (the names of his relations) , genealogy (of the four |xam prisoners from Aliwal North) , Aliwal North (four |xam from at Breakwater Convict Station) , names (of |xam prisoners from Aliwal North at the Breakwater and their relations) , names (of relations of |xam convicts at Breakwater Convict Station) , personal history (of Mosunyan) , personal history (of Molef) , personal history (of Mkuan or |kabbeten) , personal history (of |nu'xa or Hans) , personal history (of four |xam convicts at Breakwater, 17 April 1880) , prisoner numbers (of four |xam convicts at Breakwater) , prisoner numbers (of |nu'xa or Hans, Mkuan or |kabbeten, Mosunyan, and Molef)

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