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Story: !nauxa (or Willem) at the Museum, 24 September 1880


!nauxa (or Willem) at the Museum, 24 September 1880


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


!nauxa (or Willem) is accompanied by his !Ora, or Hottentot, companion, !khannumup (or Petros Willems). He tells Lloyd his mother's and father's names, the name of his people ('Grass Bushmen', or |nu'sa'), the names of some mountains near his country, and other personal details. The two men were photographed by Hermann, apparently on the same day of the interview, at the South African Museum.


1) p.10 318 opp: !nauxa and !khannumup were photographed by Hermann in September 1880, 2) See also 'Memo for Miss Lloyd (regarding some personal details of 'Petros Willems' and 'Willem') (a copy), 3) This story is found in Book XVI-1


!nauxa (XVI) (Willem), !khannumup (Petros Willems)


24 September 1880


History (personal)


!nauxa (or Willem, or !nau xama) , !nauxa (his other names) , !nauxa (at the SA Museum) , !nauxa (a 'Grass', or |nu'sa', Bushman) , !nauxa (where he lived) , !nauxa (the doings of his people) , !nauxa (his place) , !nauxa (his 'Hottentot' companion, !khannumup) , !nauxa (about his country) , !nauxa (the names of mountains in his country) , !nauxa (photographed by Hermann at SA Museum) , !nauxa (his personal history) , !nauxa (the names of his relations) , !nauxa (his genealogy) , names (of |xam) , names (groups of |xam) , names (!nauxa's other) , names (of !nauxa's relations) , names (of mountains in !nauxa's country) , names ('Grass Bushmen', or |nu'sa') , |xam (groups of) , |xam ('Grass', or |nu'sa', Bushman) , |xam (names of) , personal history (of !nauxa) , personal history (!nauxa's relations) , country (names of mountains in !nauxa's) , country (about !nauxa's) , Hermann (photographed !nauxa and !khannumup) , Hottentot (!khannumup or Petros Willems)

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