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Story: The hare and the moon


The hare and the moon


Lucy Lloyd Kora notebooks


The hare, angry with the moon for wanting men to die as it dies, said that the moon must 'become the Boschvark's shoulder blade bone' and go into the sky 'and make the world light'.


1) p.25 opp: Piet Lynx heard this from his paternal grandfather who heard it from his Bushman head (?), 2) p.25 opp: an explanation of why the hare is angry, 3) p.25 opp: a note that says 'Bitter water 2 days journey from B. West' and on a line below 'Aardfontein', 4) p.26 opp: a note explaining that 'When the sun went down, the moon must make the world light', 5) this story is found in Kora Book I-1


Piet Lynx


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy, History (Early Race)


Kora (Kora fable of moon and hare) , moon (moon and hare Kora fable) , hare (moon and hare Kora fable) , hare (angry with the moon) , Piet Lynx (paternal grandfather)

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