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Story: The Day's Heart star child


The Day's Heart star child


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A small, but interesting piece, including the address of the younger sister to the wife of the Dawn’s–Heart, when she had been transformed into a lioness, was given by /a !kúnta, who had heard it from a sister. (L I.–2. 160).


1) This story is incomplete, as there is only one page in this notebook, 2) p.159v: |a!kunta remembers this part of the story of !gau e |i pua 'as told to him by a sister (now, I believe dead)', 3) The Day's Heart is also published as the Dawn's Heart (in Specimens of Bushman Folklore), 4) See also Day's Heart and More about the Day's Heart star: what he says to his daughter and The Day's Heart star and The story of !ko'-g !nuin-tara or !ko'-g !nuin-tara and the Day's Heart star, 5) This story is found in Book I-2


|a!kunta (Stoffel) (I)


22 & 24 June 1872


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy, Transformation


star (the Dawn's–Heart star) , star (the Day's Heart star child) , star (Lynx-woman) , star (Lynx-child) , address (to wife of Day's Heart star) , child (the Day's Heart star child) , transformation (of wife of day's Heart star) , lion (wife of Day's Heart star becomes a lioness)

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