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Story: Sun, Moon and stars


Sun, Moon and stars


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Various statements are given with regard to the nature and movements of the celestial bodies. The first of these treats of the Moon and Stars, ending with the 'Bushman–rice' Star Canopus (B I. 291-294); the second treats of Sun, Moon, and Stars (B II. 377–379); and the third, of the same (L II.–1. 214 and 215). Prayer to the Star, probably to Canopus, the 'Bushman-rice' Star. (L II.-1. 216 and 217.) Also mentioned are the woman, man and child stars who run into the clouds. These stars go about while people sleep at night.


1) Note on the inside of the back cover of this notebook: 'Finished correcting Sept 15/71 from Jantje Toorm himself', 2) See also Sun, Moon, and stars and Moon and stars: an incantation, 3) This story is found in Book II-1


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


24 April 1871 (started)


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


prayer (to star) , prayer (sun, Moon and stars) , celestial bodies (movements of) , celestial bodies (nature of) , celestial bodies (description of) , celestial bodies (sun, Moon and stars) , names (of stars) , names (sun, Moon and stars) , sun (and Moon and stars) , stars (prayer to) , stars (the 'Bushman-rice' star Canopus) , stars (run into clouds) , stars (star mother) , stars (star woman) , stars (star child) , stars (man star) , stars (rise) , stars (mount) , stars (sun, Moon and) , stars (names of) , heavens (the sun, Moon and stars) , heavens (at night) , heavens (prayers to stars)

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