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Story: The Lion star


The Lion star


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The (two) Lions, which was the name given to us (by our first informants) for the Pointers to the Southern Cross, were formerly men, and at the same time lions. (LII.-1. 277 and 278) One of them became a star, because a girl looked at him; and the other lion also became a star. They now stand silent, not far from the lionesses, who sit silent. (L II.-1. 237-240).


1) Initial corrections were made on 19 June, 2) Note on the inside of the back cover of this notebook: 'Finished correcting Sept 15/71 from Jantje Toorm himself', 3) See also The Lion star and other stars and The Lion becomes a star, 4) This story is found in Book II-1


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


10 May 1871 (started)


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


stars (Lion-star) , stars (walk in heavens) , lions (the two Lions are pointers to Southern Cross) , lions (who are people) , lions (who are men) , lions (walk) , lions (stand fast) , lions (wives of) , lions (the Lion star) , bewitching (by new maiden) , bewitching (and the Lion star) , transformation (and new maiden) , transformation (and the Lion star) , new maiden (newly menstruating girl) , new maiden (look of) , new maiden (transfixes) , new maiden (bewitches) , new maiden (transforms) , new maiden (and the Lion star)

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