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Story: The Hyena and the Lion (1st version)


The Hyena and the Lion (1st version)


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Not only in the astrological mythology, but also in the world of Bushman Fable, the lion naturally occupies a prominent position. One fine fable relates how the hyena revenged itself upon the lion, who had grudged it food, by inviting him to its own house, and then, while feeding him with soup, inverting the heated pot upon his head, and beating him to death underneath it. Of this fable we have two versions, the second being probably the better of the two (L II.-2. 361-368); whilst the earlier (LII.-1.257, 256 rev.-260 rev.) closes with the usual refrain respecting suitable marriages in animal life.


1) This story is also called 'The Hyena's revenge, version 2', 2) Note on the inside of the back cover of this notebook: 'Finished correcting Sept 15/71 from Jantje Toorm himself', 3) See also The story of the Hyena and the Lion (2nd version), 4) This story is found in Book II-1


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


May 1871


History (Early Race)


Hyena (and Lion) , Hyena (revenge of) , Hyena (tricks Lion) , Lion (and Hyena's revenge) , Lion (angers Hyena) , Lion (deceives Hyena) , Lion (killed by Hyena)

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