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Story: About the 'Toornan': the 'Bushman witchdoctor'


About the 'Toornan': the 'Bushman witchdoctor'


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The Bushman Doctor or Sorcerer (L II.-1. 273-275). An account of these people was also given in the Katkop dialect by Dia!kwáin (L V.-3. 4122-4131). The people catch the man who beats (or trembles) and bites with his teeth, hold him down and rub fat onto his back to take off the lion hair that grows there. Once this has been done the man is comfortable and sits talking.


1) Note on the inside of the back cover of this notebook: 'Finished correcting Sept 15/71 from Jantje Toorm himself', 2) See also About sorcerers: when the sorcerer returns home after his work is done, 3) This story is found in Book II-1


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


14 –16 June 1871


Healing and ailing, Custom and daily life


nose (and sorcerers or healers) , nose (a man who has his) , nose (and healing) , nose ('Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor) , lion (hair) , lion (hair on sorcerer's back) , lion (and the 'Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor) , sorcerer (the 'Toornan') , sorcerer (or healer) , sorcerer ('Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor) , sorcerer (treatment of) , sorcerer (rituals involving) , sorcerer (a man who beats and bites) , sorcerer (has lion hair growing on him) , sorcerer (has his nose) , sorcerer (trembles) , healing (about the sorcerer or healer) , healing ('Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor) , healing (an account of) , trembling (and healing) , trembling (by the 'Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor) , healer ('Toornan') , healer (sorcerer) , healer ('Bushman witchdoctor' or doctor)

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