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Story: The Lion and the Muishond (continued from The two Lions: pointers to the Southern Cross)


The Lion and the Muishond (continued from The two Lions: pointers to the Southern Cross)


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A Muishond is in its hole and runs away, but stops because its side is decaying. The Lion follows its scent and takes the decayed piece in its mouth. The decayed piece tells the Lion to instead drag the child out of the hole and the Lion agrees to catch the little Muishond. The little Muishond runs away and the decayed piece of thigh tells the thornbush to pierce the pursuing Lion's feet. The Lion screams in pain and tells the other Lion to run and catch the Muishond. The second Lion catches the decayed piece which then cuts off its thigh and jumps away, singing. Besides a short account of the first portion of this remarkable myth (L II.-1. 278-284), we have one connected account of it (L II.-2. 305-323).


1) See also The Lion and the Tortoise and The two Lions: pointers to the Southern Cross and The Lion star and other stars, 2) This story is found in Book II-2


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)




History (Early Race)


Muishond (the Lion and the) , Muishond (the little) , Muishond (Foulmouth) , Muishond (its decayed piece) , Muishond (and the two Lions) , Foulmouth (decayed piece of the Muishond) , Foulmouth (the thigh speaks) , Foulmouth (and the two Lions) , Foulmouth (the Lion and the Muishond) , Lion (the two Lions) , Lion (the two Lions are pointers to the Southern Cross) , Lion (pierced by the thornbush) , Lion (and the Muishond) , Lion (and the decayed piece) , Lion (and Foulmouth) , decayed piece (called Foulmouth) , decayed piece (cuts off its thigh) , decayed piece (talks to Lion) , decayed piece (tells thornbush to pierce Lion's feet) , decayed piece (of Muishond) , decayed piece (the Lion and the Muishond) , name (of the Muishond's decayed piece of thigh is 'Foulmouth') , name (the Lion and the Muishond)

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