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Story: The story of the Hyena (the Anteater's laws)


The story of the Hyena (the Anteater's laws)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


This account [of The Anteater, Springbok and Lynx] is again followed by the Anteater’s laws concerning the habits of various animals, such as the jackal, the 'Löffelhund' (Proteles), etc., who were, once upon a time, men (L II.-2. 323-356). The Hyena marries a female Hyena and has Hyena children. They live in a burrow. He hunts for food for them and brings them quagga, gemsbok, ostrich, ostrich eggs, springbok, and flesh of a man.


1) See also The Anteater, Springbok and Lynx (//kabbo's version 1) and The Anteater, Springbok and Lynx (//kabbo's version 2), 2) This story is found in Book II-2


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


27 July 1871 (started)


History (Early Race), Plants and animals


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