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Story: The Korhaan marries his elder sister (the Anteater's laws) (||kabbo's version 2)


The Korhaan marries his elder sister (the Anteater's laws) (||kabbo's version 2)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Korhaan Malkop marries his elder sister, who carries him like a child to deceive others into thinking he is a child, even though he is her husband. The Korhaan knocks down the Steenbok (his brother-in-law), who plunges the 'child's' head into the fire to punish him. The Korhaan screams and flies up into the sky. The brother-in-law says that the Korhaan Malkop must always be marked by fire and must marry a female whose head is marked in the same manner. In the discourse there is imbedded a fable about the knorhaan, relating to how its head was burnt in the fire; but this requires further explanation. (L II.-3. 406-416.)


1) pp.406-415 'translated (with the help of David Hoesar) March 4th 1875', 2) The verso notes are all by Dia!kwain (given in March 1875), 3) p.405v: the korhaan is called the Kwa-kkwara in |xam and it has a black head; it is called the Koran Brandkop by the Dutch; this tale took place in a time when Kwa-kkwaras were people; a cut-out (dated 1875) regarding the robin redbreast, which Lloyd said 'recalled to her this tale' (of the Korhaan), 4) p.406v: the female Korhaan sits on top of the hole while the male is digging, 5) p.407v: a word meaning orphan; the younger brother-in-law featured in the story who had assumed the shape of a steenbok, 6) p.410v: the method of heating up rice (mentioned in the story) by placing heated stones among the grains on a mat, 7) p.412v: the Korhaan was formerly a man but was cursed to remain a Kwa-kkwara by his brother-in-law because of his evil doings, 8) p.413v: the Kwa-kkwara's misdeeds caused all kwa-kkwaras to be cursed and to bear the marks of fire on their heads, 9) See also The story of the Kwa-kkwara and The song of the Kwa kwara, or Korhaan Malkop and The kwa kwara, or Korhaan Malkop, 10) This story is found in Book II-3


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


August 1871


History (Early Race)


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