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Story: The Moon and the Hare (origin of death)


The Moon and the Hare (origin of death)


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The Hottentot myth of the Origin of Death is also found in Bushman; but the Bushman form of it first related to us is very different from the Hottentot, be it more or less original. We have two versions of it. In the first, the Moon strikes the young Hare (whose mother is lying dead) with his fist upon its mouth, and tells it to cry loudly; for its mother will not return as he (the Moon) does, but is quite dead (L II.-6. 664-670). The Moon strikes the Hare on its mouth and kills it. He tells the Hare that his mother will not return, but that the Moon lives again. The Moon tells the Hare the story of how the Sun stabbed him with the knife and how he became a full Moon and returned to life.


1) Date on p.668: 21 October, 2) See also A prayer addressed to the Moon, and another version of the Moon and Hare story and Story of the Moon and the Hare: a version at first by ≠kasin and then by Dia!kwain and Moon and Hare: the origin of death, 3) This story is found in Book II-6


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


October 1871


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy, History (Early Race)


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