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Story: ||kabbo tells of death, the hole, and the path of the First Bushmen


||kabbo tells of death, the hole, and the path of the First Bushmen


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


||kabbo tells of death: 'This path is a Bushman's path, the First Bushman's path, the Korannas, Boers, etc, also go on it. When Bushmen are dead and buried in the ground, they walk out along this path; they reach the great hole, and they live there …'


1) See also The place to which people go after death, and various ways of dying and being killed, 2) This story is found in Book II-6


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


October 1871


Custom and daily life, History (Early Race)


death (||kabbo tells of) , death (great hole) , death (path of First Bushmen) , death (and burial) , death (of |xam) , death (of Korannas) , death (of Boers or Dutch) , death (from illness) , death (of men shot by others) , death (of animals) , death (and place where dead go) , death (and afterlife) , great hole (where dead go) , great hole (the path to) , hole (great) , hole (and death) , path (and death) , path (to great hole) , path (the dead walk along it) , path (of the First Bushmen) , First Bushmen (and death) , First Bushmen (their path to great hole) , ||kabbo (what he says about death) , burial (and the path of the First Bushmen) , burial (and the Great hole)

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