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Story: Further adventures of the Mantis and the Cat


Further adventures of the Mantis and the Cat


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


|kaggen (the Mantis) fights the Cat and is beaten because he fights the Cat's tail instead of its head. He gets feathers and flies into the water, followed by his things (the Hartebeest children). The Ichneumon advises him on how to fight the Cat and |kaggen defeats the Cat, bragging about his cunning. Then follows a description of an attack which the Mantis makes upon a Cat, which was quietly going along, singing a certain song about the Lynx, who had said that the Cat could not run as well as she did. As the Cat manages to render it impossible for the Mantis to harm her, he has again to consult his grandson, the Ichneumon, in order to gain the victory (L II -5. 547-565). A second version of the same story is a direct continuation of one version of !góë-!kweitentu (L II.-9. 966-978).


1) This is one of a series of stories in which the Ichneumon rebukes |kaggen for picking fights and being foolish; the Ichneumon is kept awake at night while he counsels |kaggen, 2) p.967v: |kaggen does not walk like a man in this story, 3) See also The Mantis and the Cat and The Cat's song, 4) This story is found in Book II-9


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


November 1871


|kaggen (the Mantis)


|kaggen (the Mantis) , |kaggen (picks fights with others) , |kaggen (is advised and then rebuked by Ichneumon) , |kaggen (his fight with the Cat) , |kaggen (is foolish) , |kaggen (gets feathers) , |kaggen (flies) , |kaggen (and water) , |kaggen (his things) , |kaggen (his 'hartebeest children') , Cat (goes along singing) , Cat (sings about Lynx) , Cat (his fight with |kaggen) , Cat (tricks and defeats |kaggen) , Cat (buries his head in ground) , Ichneumon (or |ni) , Ichneumon (advises |kaggen on defeating the Cat) , Ichneumon (makes |kaggen understand) , Ichneumon (rebukes |kaggen) , fight (between |kaggen and the Cat) , feathers (|kaggen gets) , feathers (|kaggen and the Cat) , Hartebeest children (|kaggen's things) , Hartebeest children (|kaggen and Cat) , song (Cat's) , song (|kaggen and the Cat) , things (|kaggen's 'hartebeest children') , things (|kaggen and the Cat)

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