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Story: ||kabbo's (Jantje's) capture


||kabbo's (Jantje's) capture


Wilhelm Bleek notebooks


llkábbo,’s Capture and Journey to Cape Town are twice described by him. One of these accounts (L II.-1. 266-272), the beginning of which is also given in another version. (B II. 350), carries him only a part of the way; while the other narrates the whole journey down, as far as the Breakwater. (L II.-1. 242-250) ||kabbo (Jantje) speaks of his family and his capture by a black man. He is taken to the Breakwater Convict Station and describes his journey there.


1) Another version of ||kabbo's capture and jailing was taken by Lloyd in May and June 1871 and is found in her Book II-1, pp.242-250 and 266-272, see ||kabbo's account of being caught and brought to the Breakwater and ||kabbo's account of being caught and jailed: 2nd version, 2) This version of the story is found in Book II


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


May 1871


History (personal), Relations with others


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