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Story: About 'Bushman rice'


About 'Bushman rice'


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Bushman rice' is live ant larvae. Women prepare it in the heat and dry it on a mat and sift the fat off. This account relates what the different parts of the rice are, and what happens to the rice in the summer and in the rain and when the rice's star comes.


1) This story is found in Book II-35


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)




Custom and daily life


food (the preparation of 'Bushman rice') , food (found by women) , food (eaten by women) , food (the |xam eat 'Bushman rice') , food (finding of and the 'Bushman rice's' star) , star ('Bushman rice's' star) , star (when it comes) , Bushman rice (ant larvae) , Bushman rice (about) , Bushman rice (the growth of) , Bushman rice (and the seasons) , Bushman rice (when its star comes) , Bushman rice (and sun and rain) , Bushman rice (implements used in its preparation) , Bushman rice (the preparation of) , Bushman rice (and women's work) , Bushman rice (the eating of) , Bushman rice (its 'fat') , Bushman rice (names for) , Bushman rice (the 'killing' of) , Bushman rice (and heated stones) , Bushman rice (and a mat) , Bushman rice (and wind) , Bushman rice ('Bushman rice's star') , fat (of 'Bushman rice') , fat (gets feathers) , fat (eaten by |xam) , fat (its 'feet') , fat (wet and dry) , fat (women eat) , fat (real) , fat (new and white) , seasons (and growth of 'Bushman rice') , seasons (and finding food) , women (eat and find 'Bushman rice') , feathers (fat of 'Bushman rice' gets feathers) , feathers (and 'Bushman rice') , work (done by |xam women) , work (women find and prepare 'Bushman rice') , implements (used in the preparation of 'Bushman rice') , implements (mat sieves and heated stones) , sun (and 'Bushman rice') , rain (and 'Bushman rice') , ant larvae (about 'Bushman Rice')

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