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Story: Bushman genealogies


Bushman genealogies


Wilhelm Bleek notebooks


A good many genealogical notes and portions of Bushman family history have been taken down. (B II. 349, 359 rev., 360-362, 364, 365 368-373, 376...From some of these materials, and from other sources, twelve genealogical diagrams (in oblong double folio) have been compiled, each giving all the known ancestors of one individual, frequently extending four, and sometimes five generations back. The names and genealogies of various |xam, the groups they belong to, the places they come from and some details of their personal history. Page 908v features the names of |xam 'who went with Mr Anthing to Cape [illegible] in 1863 (?)'. Details about the men are given and the names, given in |xam and Dutch, include 'Haard Klaas' and 'Isaac Bastard'.


1) Jacob 'Nein' is also spelt as 'Nijn' and 'Nyn' in the stories in which he appears, 2) p. 363 body parts, 3) This story is found in Book II, Book VIII and Book IX


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


1871 and 1872


History (personal)


places (Whitklip) , places (Rietfontein) , places (Oud Jantje's) , places (||kabbo's) , places (≠kasin's) , places (Calvinia) , places (Oud Bastard's) , places (description of) , places (Zwartkop) , places (names of) , places (Brinkkop) , places (Orange River) , places (Groot Rivier) , places (Bushman's) , places (in Bushmanland) , places (Strondbergen) , names (of |xam who went with Mr Anthing to the Cape in 1863) , names (of |xam prisoners) , names (of |xam at Breakwater) , names (of |xam children) , names (of |xam relations) , names (of |xam contributors) , names (of |xam groups or 'tribes') , names (of Boers) , names (of farmers) , names (Dutch) , names (Boer) , names (|xam) , names (of |xam) , names (of places in Bushmanland) , |xam (names of groups of) , |xam ('Bushman tribes') , |xam (Braakpits) , |xam (Flat Bushman) , |xam (Hardast Rivier Bushman) , |xam (Zwaarteberg Bushman) , |xam (Berg Bushman) , |xam (group that Dia!kwain belongs to) , |xam (names of) , |xam (Grass Bushmen) , |xam ('Brinkkop man') , |xam (names of those who went with Anthing to the Cape) , Koranna (and |xam) , Koranna (and genealogies of |xam) , Boers (as masters) , Boers (as farmers) , Boers (names of) , Boers (and genealogies of |xam) , ||kabbo (Jantje Toorm) , ||kabbo (relations of) , ||kabbo (and genealogies of |xam) , genealogy (|a!kunta's) , genealogy (Lennerbay's) , genealogy (Dia!kwain's) , genealogy (||kabbo's) , marriage (of |xam) , marriage (and |xam genealogy) , Breakwater Convict Station (prison) , Breakwater Convict Station (names of |xam at) , Breakwater Convict Station (|xam prisoners' numbers) , Breakwater Convict Station (and genealogies of |xam) , relations (and genealogies of |xam) , relations (of |xam) , relations (of contributors) , relations (names of) , names (of |xam) , names (and genealogies of |xam) , names (of |xam at the Breakwater) , names (in Dutch and |xam) , names (|kann or Jacob Nijn) , names (Oud Lies) , names (Klaas Rooikop) , names (Saartje) , names (|han≠kass'o or Klein Jantje) , names (Witbooi) , names (Griet) , names (Isaac Bastard) , names (Booi) , names (Haard Klaas) , names (Koos Pleitje) , white men (and |xam) , white men (and genealogies of |xam) , white men (Boers or Dutch) , white men (as masters) , white men (as farmers) , white men (names of) , hunger (and genealogies of |xam) , hunting (and genealogies of |xam) , weapons (arrows) , weapons (and genealogies of |xam) , Anthing (and the names of |xam who went with him to the Cape in 1863) , prison (the Breakwater Convict Station) , prison (and |xam) , prison (and genealogies of |xam) , personal history (of |xam) , personal history (and genealogies of |xam) , personal history (of |xam at the Breakwater) , personal history (of |xam contributors)

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359v, 360-362, 363,364-365, 368-373, 376, 873v, 908v

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