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Story: The Cat's song


The Cat's song


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Cat sings of being abused by the Lynx because he doesn't run fast and is not cunning like the Lynx, but he does deceive his pursuers. The Cat’s song, before she was attacked by the Mantis (L II.-35. 3237-3241).


1) pp.3237-3241 1/2 were translated on 29/30 September or 1 October 1873, 2) pp.3236v, 3237v & 3240v: how the Cat uses its mouth to sing; what its other name is because of how it sings (kiten); its way of talking with its tongue; its way of doubling back on its pursuer, 3) See also Further adventures of the Mantis and the Cat and The Mantis and the Cat, 4) This story is found in Book II-35


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


29 September 1873 (started)


Poetry, |kaggen (the Mantis)


song (of the Cat) , song (the Cat's song) , Cat (the Cat's song) , Cat (deceives his pursuers) , Cat (its nature and habits) , Cat (doubles back) , Cat (and Lynx) , Cat (does not run fast) , Cat (does not understand) , Cat (is not cunning) , Lynx (and the Cat's song) , Lynx (and the Cat) , Lynx (abuses the Cat) , Lynx (its nature and habits) , Lynx (runs fast) , Lynx (is cunning) , Lynx (understands)

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