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Story: About Ssho |oa: where to be found


About Ssho |oa: where to be found


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Shó-|õä in general use is not found upon the flats, but in the mountains near the Orange River, and in the mountains and rivers, generally speaking, throughout the country. When dug out by the Bushmen, they replant a part of it with a small piece of the root attached; and take other roots in an old bag, hanging them up to dry opposite the house, etc. (L II.-36. 3269-3278). More about Ssho |oa, including where it is found, how it is collected and dried, and its use in hunting. A Ssho |oa band is worn when hunting. The smell of Ssho |oa on the hunter's bodies makes the game act foolishly.


1) Note on the inside of the cover of Book II-36: pp.3242-3332 were translated in September 1873, but Lloyd 'Began to enter from p.3261 Aug. 1st 1911.', 2) p.3269v: different types of Ssho |oa, 3) p.3270v: the Haak Boom (or Rake tree), so called because its thorns resemble the curved teeth of a rake, 4) See also Ssho |oa and How women fear the new Ssho |oa which has just been brought home and An ignorant man digs up Ssho |oa and the consequences of his actions and The consequences of a woman's smelling fresh Ssho |oa scent and What the man does and says to the new Ssho |oa so that it may know him, 5) This story is found in Book II-36


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)


22 September 1873


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals, Healing and ailing


Ssho |oa (Sho-|oa) , Ssho |oa (a medicinal plant) , Ssho |oa (its curative powers) , Ssho |oa (intoxicates) , Ssho |oa (its effect on game) , Ssho |oa (where it is found) , Ssho |oa (the bag used for) , Ssho |oa (and hunting) , Ssho |oa (as a charm) , Ssho |oa (and hunting) , Ssho |oa (and successful shooting) , Ssho |oa (the different properties of) , Ssho |oa (the different types of) , Ssho |oa (the smell of) , Ssho |oa (the |xam fear it) , Ssho |oa (the digging for and collection of) , Ssho |oa (foliage of) , Ssho |oa (the parts used) , Ssho |oa (the appearance of) , Ssho |oa (roots of) , Ssho |oa (the growth of) , Ssho |oa (and groups of |xam) , Ssho |oa (uses for) , Ssho |oa (band is worn when hunting) , hunting (and Ssho |oa) , hunting (Ssho |oa band is worn when hunting) , hunting (rituals ensuring success at) , hunting (charms for) , hunting (the effect of Ssho |oa on game) , hunting (and good shooting) , hunting (and where Ssho |oa is found) , plant (Ssho |oa) , plant (that intoxicates) , plant (and the making of hunting charms) , plant (medicinal) , plant (and where Ssho |oa is found) , charms (for successful hunting) , charms (the use of Ssho |oa) , charms (and where Ssho |oa is found) , bag (for Ssho |oa) , bag (and where Ssho |oa is found) , digging (for Ssho |oa) , digging (and where Ssho |oa is found) , healing (and where Ssho |oa is found) , healing (Ssho |oa's curative powers) , game (the effect of Ssho |oa on) , game (Ssho |oa and hunting) , game (and where Ssho |oa is found) , healing (curative powers of) , healing (and Ssho |oa, a medicinal plant) , intoxicant (Ssho |oa makes the game act foolishly) , intoxicant (Ssho |oa's smell is feared) , intoxicant (and where Ssho |oa is found)

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