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Story: Story of the Moon and the Hare and how the Moon punished the Hare


Story of the Moon and the Hare and how the Moon punished the Hare


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The veritable Hottentot myth of the 'Origin of Death' is told in the Katkop dialect by ≠kásin, whose father was a Hottentot; and, although the narrator says that he heard the story from his mother /’wá ≠kõ, a Bushwoman, its Hottentot origin can hardly be doubted. Here, the Moon sends the Hare to men with the message of the renewal of life; but it reverses it into a message of death. The angered Moon then heats a stone, and burns the Hare’s mouth, causing the harelip. ≠kásin told this story three times; once in a very short version (B XXV. 2361-2364), secondly, in a little longer one (L IV.-4. 3886-3889) and thirdly, in a still more extended one (L IV.-4. 3890-3900). On account of the Hare's actions, people die and do not return to life.


1) ≠kasin heard this from his mother (ko a ≠ko) 2) p.3444v: ≠kasin heard things about death and ascending thoughts from his father and mother; his father heard them from his father, 3) See also The Moon and the Hare and A prayer addressed to the Moon, and another version of the Moon and Hare story and Story of the Moon and the Hare: a version at first by ≠kasin and then by Dia!kwain and Moon and Hare: the origin of death, 4) This story is found in Book IV-1


≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) (IV)


4 November 1873


History (Early Race)


Moon (punishes Hare) , Moon (lives again) , Moon (his fight with Hare) , Moon (his resurrection) , Moon (and creation of death) , Moon (his message about living again) , Hare (is punished by Moon) , Hare (gets Moon's message wrong) , Hare (his fight with Moon) , Hare (and resurrection) , Hare (and creation of death) , death (the Moon and Hare) , death (the creation of) , death (of people) , death (and resurrection) , death (of Moon) , death (of people) , death (and Moon's message about living again) , origin (of death and the Moon and the Hare) , origin (of the harelip) , fight (between the Moon and the Hare) , fight (the Moon punishes the Hare) , resurrection (and the Moon and the Hare) , resurrection (and the creation of death) , resurrection (of the Moon who lives again)

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