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Story: Names of ≠kasin's father, mother and their children


Names of ≠kasin's father, mother and their children


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A good many genealogical notes and portions of Bushman family history have been taken down (B II. 349, 359 rev., 360-362, 364, 365 368-373, 376; BXXV. 2352, 2412 and 2416; L III.-1. 476-506; L IV.-1. 3452 and 3453; L VI.-1. 3895 and 3896). From some of these materials, and from other sources, twelve genealogical diagrams (in oblong double folio) have been compiled, each giving all the known ancestors of one individual, frequently extending four, and sometimes five generations back. A copy of these diagrams has been forwarded to be laid before the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for Colonies, by His Excellency Sir Henry Barkly, in illustration of some Bushman photographs.A list of the Dutch and |xam names, including some personal details, of ≠kasin's father, mother, brothers and sisters.


1) This story is found in Book IV-1


≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) (IV)


5 November 1873


History (personal)


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