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Story: How a lion carried off ≠kasin's eldest brother and wounded his father


How a lion carried off ≠kasin's eldest brother and wounded his father


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


How a Lion carried off the narrator’s eldest brother, and wounded his father. In the Katkop dialect, by ≠kásin (L IV.-1. 3453-3458).


1) p.3452v: this incident occurred when 'Klaas' (≠kasin) was only about '3 and a half feet high' (when they were boys), 2) p.3453v: the child who was taken was ≠kasin's oldest brother, 3) p.3456v: the curative powers and preparation of Ssho |oa (or sso |a) which is burnt and rubbed with fat and smeared on the affected area, 4) This story is found in Book IV-1


≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) (IV)


5 November 1873


History (personal), Healing and ailing


personal history (of ≠kasin) , personal history (≠kasin's father and brother and the lion) , ≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) , ≠kasin (his personal history) , ≠kasin (his father and brother and lion) , lion (and ≠kasin's brother and father) , lion (that carried off ≠kasin's eldest brother and wounded his father) , healing (lion bites) , healing (of ≠kasin's father) , healing (with Ssho |oa) , Ssho |oa (and treatment of lion bites) , Ssho |oa (as healing remedy) , plant (medicinal) , plant (Ssho |oa used to heal ≠kasin's father's lion bites) , death (of ≠kasin's brother carried off by a lion)

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