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Story: !gweh or Malkop Gift (poisons)


!gweh or Malkop Gift (poisons)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Bushman poisons: their names given in Bushman, but the remarks respecting them in English only, after ≠kásin (L IV.-1. 3472-3480). Names and descriptions of poisons, including where they are found and how they are used and prepared, and their effects on people and the game they have shot for eating.


1) Date on p.3479: 10 November, 2) This story is found in Book IV-1


≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) (IV)


10 November 1873 (finished on or about)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


poisons (!gweh or Malkop Gift) , poisons (poisonous plants) , poisons (used by Koranna) , poisons (used by |xam) , poisons (the preparation of) , poisons (combinations of different) , poisons (and wounds) , poisons (used in hunting) , poisons (and eating game) , poisons (bartering for) , poisons (the effects of) , poisons (prohibitions relating to) , poisons (that kill people) , poisons (and weapons) , poisons (and intoxication) , poisons (and gender) , poisons (from ≠kasin's place) , poisons (from snakes) , poisons (the names of different) , poisons (where they are found) , poisons (descriptions of) , plants (used in making of poisons) , plants (the names of) , snakes (used in making of poisons) , snakes (the names of) , names (of plants used for making poisons) , names (of poisons) , names (Dutch and |xam) , names (of poisonous snakes) , bartering (for poison) , Koranna (poisons used by) , intoxication (and poisonous plants) , weapons (and poisons) , game (eating poisoned) , game (effects of poison on) , game (poisoning of weapons used for hunting) , place (poisons found at ≠kasin's) , ≠kasin's (poisons found at his place)

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