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Story: The |ßkururu (|xabbe, or 'Kritje')


The |ßkururu (|xabbe, or 'Kritje')


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Grillus Capensis, or 'Kritje', [or |ßkururu] roasted and mixed with puffader poison and so-called 'boomgift'. In the Katkop dialect, by ≠kásin (L IV.-2. 3516-3519).


1) An insert pasted inside the front cover of Book IV-2 contains notes on a poisoned arrow made by ≠kasin from |ßkururu. The opposite page features a note on how to put down the translation of |xam names (wherever they are known); a correction of a list of |xam medicines for Mr Buchanan, dated December 1873, 2) See also Mixing arrow poisons, 3) This story is found in Book IV-2


≠kasin (Klaas Katkop) (IV)


15 November 1873


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


insect (which is poisonous) , insect (and making of poison) , insect (the names of) , insect (its proper name is Grillus Capensis) , insect (called |ßkururu, Kritje, or |xabbe) , insect (its Koranna name) , insect (its Dutch name) , insect (its |xam name) , poisons (the making of) , poisons (called Boom Gift) , poisons (from puffadder and an insect called |ßkururu) , poisons (the names of) , poisons (the preparation and mixing of) , poisons (used in shooting game) , poisons (and ≠kasin) , poisons (used on arrows) , poisons (that kill quickly) , poisons (|ßkururu roasted and mixed with puffadder poison and Boom gift) , weapons (poisoned arrows as) , weapons (used for shooting game) , weapons (and poisons) , weapons (and the |ßkururu, |xabbe, or 'Kritje')

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