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Story: What is done with a 'new' maiden


What is done with a 'new' maiden


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What a Maiden must eat and avoid (L II.28. 2520-2524). How a New Maiden is treated, has been told in the Katkop dialect, by !kwéiten ta ||ken (L VI.-2. 3997-4003); who also narrates the use made by Bushman Maidens of a kind of red stone (L VI.-1. 3970-3974). New maidens lie in the house of seclusion for one month (from the half of one moon to another). Included are details of where they are secluded, why they cannot look at people and walk about, what they eat and do during this time, and who cares for them.


1) p.3999v: the period of time new maidens are secluded (one month), 2) This story is found in Book VI-2


!kweiten ta ||ken (Rachel) (VI)


31 December 1874 – 1 January 1875


New maidens, Custom and daily life


new maidens (a 'new' maiden) , new maidens (the treatment of) , new maidens (the doings of) , new maidens (what is done with) , new maidens (caring for) , new maidens (the seclusion of) , new maidens (the house of) , new maidens (what they eat and are fed) , new maidens (what they must avoid) , new maidens (prohibitions relating to) , new maidens (the look or gaze of) , new maidens (harm people) , new maidens (customs relating to becoming) , new maidens (the name of their house) , new maidens (rest) , new maidens (old women care for them) , new maidens (their house of illness) , new maidens (and Moon) , house (of illness) , house (of the new maiden) , house (and the seclusion of the new maiden) , house (and what is done with a 'new' maiden) , maiden (what is done with a 'new') , name (of the maiden's house) , name (and what is done with a 'new' maiden) , Moon (what is done with a 'new' maidens) , Moon (maidens lie in seclusion from the half of one moon to another) , Moon (moons or months) , food (eaten and avoided by new maidens) , food (and what is done with a 'new' maidens) , food (fed to new maidens) , look (or gaze of the new maiden harms people) , look (and what is done with a 'new' maidens) , old women (care for new maidens) , old women (what is done with a 'new' maidens)

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