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Story: | a khumm called by a lion


| a khumm called by a lion


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Another story explains how the lions talk as men, by putting their tails into their mouths. The sister of the narrator is said to have been thus addressed. This is told in the Katkop dialect by !kwéiten ta //ken (L VI.-2. 4026-4033). A story about !kweiten ta ||ken's elder sister, |a khumm, who is called by a lion but does not answer it, even though it speaks like a man. Her mother had told her never to call out in the veld or answer the call of any other thing because it might be a beast of prey and not a person.


1) p.4025v: this story was told to !kweiten ta ||ken by her sister, |a kkumm, 2) pp.4026-4033 were translated in 1911, 3) p.4026v: how the lion makes itself sound like a person, 4) p.4033v: a note to p.4026 on the fact that there were many lions in Bushmanland, but no longer at the time the story was told to Lloyd, 5) see also How an owl (by its conduct) made |a-kkumm think that danger must be at hand and how she was sought for by a lion, which spoke to her in a man's voice, 6) This story is found in Book VI-2


!kweiten ta ||ken (Rachel) (VI)


January 1875


History (personal)


lions (were once numerous in Bushmanland) , lions (call and sound like man) , lions (and !kweiten ta ||ken's elder sister, |a khumm) , lions (their nature and habits) , lions (trick and deceive people) , lions (speak with their tails in their mouths) , lions (the ways they catch people) , lions (are cunning) , lions (teachings about, 'understanding' their doings) , lions (resemble a person) , personal history (of !kweiten ta ||ken's sister, |a khumm) , personal history (| a khumm called by a lion) , |a khumm (and lion that called her and sounded like a man) , |a khumm (understood what she was taught) , teaching (the doings of lions) , teaching (doings in veld) , teaching (by mother) , teaching (by old people) , teaching (that lions are 'wont to resemble a man') , teaching (not to answer calls in veld) , teaching ('understanding') , teaching (| a khumm called by a lion) , !kweiten ta ||ken (her sister | a khumm called by a lion) , speech (lions talk sounding like men) , speech (| a khumm called by a lion) , education (| a khumm understood what she was taught) , education (and | a khumm called by a lion) , education (teachings about, 'understanding' the doings of lions) , education (about lions)

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