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Story: The story of the Leopard Tortoise


The story of the Leopard Tortoise


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The story of the Great Water Tortoise, who deceived men belonging to the early race of Bushman by feigning illness (told by !kwéiten ta //ken), appears to be a variation of the above-mentioned myth (L VI.-2. 4055-4063). A tale of the Early Race (or !khwe |na ss'e !k'e) in which |go ka kkumm, or the Leopard Tortoise (Testudo pardalis), pretends to be ill and tricks men into putting their hands inside her neck-shell where they are trapped and decay.


1) p.4054v: this story was told to !kweiten ta ||ken by her mother (≠kamme-an), 2) p.4057v: a note on the time spent by the Tortoise 'being ill' according to the Moon, 3) See also The story of the Ratel (or Mellivora) and the Waterskilpad and A further explanation of the ratel (or Mellivora): why it is like a man, or More about the ratel (Mellivora): why it is like a man, 4) This story is found in Book VI-2


!kweiten ta ||ken (Rachel) (VI)


between 11 & 12 January 1875


History (Early Race)


Early Race (and story of the Leopard Tortoise, |go ka kkumm) , Early Race (and men of !khwe |na ss'e !k'e, or First Bushmen) , Early Race (and foolish men of the Early race, who do not understand) , Leopard Tortoise (called |go ka kkumm) , Leopard Tortoise (Testudo pardalis) , Leopard Tortoise (the Great Water Tortoise, who deceived men) , Leopard Tortoise (feigns illness) , Leopard Tortoise (is cunning) , Leopard Tortoise (waterschilpad) , Leopard Tortoise (asks for assistance) , Leopard Tortoise (deceives and traps men of First Bushmen in her neck-shell) , Leopard Tortoise (asks to be anointed) , foolish man (of First Bushmen) , foolish man (ignores counsel) , foolish man (is trapped by Tortoise) , foolish man (does not understand) , foolish man (and Leopard Tortoise) , foolish man (his hands decay) , tortoise (and story of the Leopard Tortoise) , tortoise (the Great Water Tortoise, who deceived men) , tortoise (called |go ka kkumm) , name (of the Leopard Tortoise is |go ka kkumm) , illness (and the story of the Leopard Tortoise who feigns illness and deceives the men of the Early Race)

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