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Story: Rainmaking (a version by Dia!kwain)


Rainmaking (a version by Dia!kwain)


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An account of rain-making by means of dragging a water-animal over the land, in illustration of a Bushman painting copied by Mr J.M. Orpen (Cape Monthly Magazine for July, 1874, frontispiece), was given, in the Katkop dialect, by Dia!kw√£in, who had it from his mother (BXXVII. 2540-2608). The beginning of this was repeated by him (L V.-3. 4075-4085), and two other accounts of rain-making were also given by him (L V.-3. 4086-4121). Rainmakers (!giten) lead out a waterbull and kill it on the place where it must rain (note on p.4077v: 'The water's bull's blood is water'. Its flesh and blood are thrown onto the places where the rain must fall); how the people should behave if they want the rain to fall.


1) p.4074v: Dia!kwain's parents told him about the colour of the waterbull's horns (black at the bottom and white at the top, as if scraped); the name of an onion-like plant, the root of which is eaten by people, 2) p.4077v: the waterbull's blood is water, 3) See also What happened when the thong (with which they were pulling at the Water's Bull) broke or Kko-kkoro's story and A rain story and Rainmaking: another story of it and Rainmaking, 4) This story is found in Book V-3


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


14 January 1875 (started)


The Rain and Rain's water


water (and plants) , water (water's animals) , water (water's people) , water (and rainmaking) , water (the waterbull's blood is water) , rain (and water's people) , rain (its sorcerers) , rain (and waterbull) , rain (and rainmaking) , rain (and actions of people) , rain (and lightning) , rain (and clouds) , rain (comes at place where bull is killed) , rain (and finding food) , rain (its place) , rain (and plants) , rain (the rain-bull) , rain (rain-animals) , rain (rain-beast) , waterbull (its blood is water) , waterbull (its flesh and blood) , waterbull (its killing place and rain) , waterbull (and actions of rainmakers) , waterbull (the leading of) , waterbull (its colour) , waterbull (its horns) , waterbull (and rain-making) , rainmakers (!giten) , rainmakers (rain sorcerers) , rainmakers (water's people) , rainmakers (lead and kill waterbull) , rainmakers (and rainmaking) , rainmakers (the people's treatment of) , rainmakers (their work) , rainmakers (respecting) , sorcerer (see rainmaker) , respect (for rainmakers) , respect (and rain-making) , food (finding and the rain) , food (and rain-making) , blood (of the waterbull) , blood (the waterbull's blood is water) , blood (and rain-making) , name (for rainmakers is !giten) , colour (of the waterbull) , colour (and rain-making) , rain-making (and a painting copied by Mr J.M. Orpen) , rain-making (a version by Dia!kwain) , rain-making (rainmakers lead out a waterbull and kill it) , place (where the rain must fall) , place (the 'killing place') , place (and rain-making) , place (the rain's place) , work (performed by rainmakers) , work (and rain-making)

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